What People Are Saying About Maura...

"After my 29th birthday I experienced and episode of severe angio edema which is a fancy word for facial swelling. My internist was able to decrease the severe episode with steroids but the swelling continued and varied from mild to moderate. I continued to experience increased inflammation in my face for over 2 years. I went to countless types of doctors. None had any cures or long term solutions. Some said I was fine.

I am a physical therapist and Maura became my patient. She directed me to Genova Diagnostics where my blood, urine and stool was tested in depth to analyze all functions of my body. She met with me to go over my results. Maura gave me imperative advice on how to change my diet and take certain supplements that would help improve the digestion of my food. She is an excellent listener and was extremely passionate in helping me improve. My facial swelling is now very minimal and usually only returns when I am not following my diet plan. Maura is very helpful and I would highly recommend her to help you improve your health."

-Stephanie, Physical Therapist

"Maura is a fabulous health coach that I have been coaching with for a 2 years. Not only have I lost weight, she has coached me to healthy living every day. She is flexible with my crazy schedule, goes the extra mile for me, thinks ahead, recommends new ideas -- all to help me and my family live healthy. On top of that, she is a wonderful person. I highly recommend her as a health coach."

-Michelle, Head of HR

"I came to Maura to help me out with getting back to a healthy diet. Maura did not only help me with this but also helped me with my family and personal life. Her energy and positive outlooked help me see EVERYTHING in a whole new perseptive. Her way of listening to me made me feel heard and suggestions were so helpful. I came to her for one thing and walked away with so much more!"

-Mary, Mother

"Maura is amazing! After just 2 visits she figured out a main health issue of mine. I got connected to the right Dr. in my area to run some test. She was right on! Maura is also So flexible I can call her and schedule an appoint with out having to buy “some package.” She makes me feel like someone has my back and is someone with an amazing big heart."

-Lynn, Retired